SHRINK Vibrating Massage Ball with 4-Speeds Vibration Intensity

SHRINK Vibrating Massage Ball with 4-Speeds Vibration Intensity

SHRINK Vibrating Massage Ball with 4-Speeds Vibration Intensity

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The recovery of your body is just as important as your workout or fitness routine and using our vibrating massage ball roller is the perfect recovery tool. Using our vibration massage ball not only reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, but when used before and after a workout it also accelerates the warmup and recovery of your muscles. Other major benefits that your muscles will receive from using our vibrating massage ball are enhanced muscle performance with improved range of motion and flexibility. This will be like carrying your own personal, portable deep tissue massages with you everywhere you go. Just pop into a gym bag or a suitcase and this versatile massage ball will easily dig into those hard-to-reach places like shoulders, hamstring, back or feet to give you deep vibrating relief from tension and pain whenever you need it. Your rechargeable massage ball will never let you down and will always be ready to go with the included charging cable. Order your SHRINK Vibrating Massage Ball with 4-Speeds today!



  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH INTENSITY: Improved design of our vibrating massage roller ball allows for the vibration to penetrate even deeper into the muscles, specifically the smaller groups of muscles that would be difficult to reach by conventional means. Super effective trigger point massager tool for the release of the tension in myofascial, hip flexor, plantar fasciitis and deltoid muscles. 


  • ADJUSTABLE LEVELS OF VIBRATION: This massage ball roller has 4 levels of vibration intensity to choose from, which includes a soothing pulsating mode. Whether you've just endured a record crushing workout at the gym or you just desire some deep tissue trigger point therapy on those tight, sore muscles, there's a vibration level for you.


  • CHARGE IT AND GO: Our vibrating massage ball is conveniently rechargeable, you can quickly and easily charge it with the included charging cable so it is ready to roll anytime and anywhere. The compact size at just 5" in diameter makes it easy to carry in a gym bag and take along with you wherever you go.


  • RELIEVE PAIN & REDUCE SORENESS: Use this spiky massage ball for back, feet and other trouble areas with the perfect amount of vibration and an innovative textured surface to blast away muscle fatigue and tension while improving circulation and flexibility. This spiky massage ball is better than any standard foam roller ball or tennis ball for breaking up those tense knots after a workout.


  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We believe in providing superb customer support and we stand behind our product, so we’re happy to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or have any questions, please contact us and we will take care of you.



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