Shrink Classic Burn - 90pcs - Green Coffee Bean Extract Dietary Supplement

Shrink Classic Burn - 90pcs - Green Coffee Bean Extract Dietary Supplement

Shrink Classic Burn - 90pcs - Green Coffee Bean Extract Dietary Supplement

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Raspberry Ketones Green Tea Chlorogenic Acid - Natural Veggie Diet Pills - Metabolism & Energy Booster - Adults Men & Women

From Shrink comes Classic Burn, a herbal supplement with natural ingredients that can aid you in your efforts to burn fat and lose weight. With four potent natural ingredients, you can use the power of mother earth to help achieve your health goals and feel better than ever. The supplements contain raspberry ketones, yerba mate, green coffee bean, and green tea extracts, each of which has qualities that you could benefit from.

When it comes to fat burning, each of the ingredients is known for having some ability to help the metabolism speed up, which can be greatly beneficial when it comes to burning stored fat and making the best use of your calories. Green coffee beans, which contain 45% chlorogenic acid in this case, are known for aiding the body’s natural fat burning capabilities, as are raspberry ketones, that break down fat cells with a hormone called adiponectin.

Yerba mate and green tea extract are also known for having positive impacts on the brain. Green tea is commonly used to aid in rest and relaxation, helping the brain to cool down from all the stresses of life. Yerba mate, on the other hand, is known for helping to increase mental focus, while also having some appetite suppressing qualities. These elements of Classic Burn could aid you in tackling a new diet, exercise regime, or just the general trials and tribulations of everyday life.

These green coffee tablets could be a great addition to your home health routine, so don’t waste any more time and try Classic Burn by Shrink today!

  • HERBAL SUPPLEMENT: Shrink Classic Burn is a herbal supplement made with four potent natural ingredients. These natural dietary supplements contain green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, green tea, and yerba mate extract, each contributing to the pills' powerful and healthy effects.
  • CAPSULES FOR WEIGHT LOSS: These green coffee bean pills can support you in burning fat and losing weight. With 45% chlorogenic acid, a substance shown to benefit the metabolism and support glucose absorption, green coffee bean extract for weight loss is a trend sweeping the world.
  • ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT: With green tea and yerba mate extract, these bean tablets also offer antioxidant support. Antioxidants are valuable to the body, providing extra support detoxifying the body and fighting against free radicals in your cells, meaning these tablets can aid in immune support.
  • SUPPORT MENTAL FOCUS: Green tea and yerba mate are also known as being good for the brain, helping to reduce stress levels, while also improving mental focus. This can be useful in tackling a new exercise regime, reducing your food intake, and generally dealing with the trials of everyday life.
  • INCREASE METABOLISM: This green coffee extract and raspberry ketone supplement could also do wonders for your metabolism. Both these extracts are known for aiding a healthy, active metabolism, which is perfect for burning the fat stored in your body and making the best use of the calories.


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