Hello there,

You should have arrived to this page by invitation. We thank you for your initial interest to become a Shrink Toning Ambassador. Kindly go through the summary of our ambassador program and let us know if you like to proceed further. We have added a paragraph about the product as many of you like to know about the it before committing to a contract


What is shrink Toning lotion

Shrink Toning Lotion is a highly advanced toning lotion that effectively sculpts sagging skin and is designed to get rid of stubborn fat and tone cellulite, along with proper diet and some exercise shrink toning would help to reach your ideal shape faster


What do we expect you to do

We’ll expect 3 to 4 posts every month from you for example showing that you use the product either photos or videos in most creative ways that you can. Those photos would also be posted in our social pages which could be an exposure for you as well. Our pages and websites receive a lot of visitors at the time we do campaigns with top celebrities/athletes.On top of that we need @shrinktoning to be placed on your bio


What do we offer

We will cover you one tube of Shrink Toning Lotion every 30 days plus free single use samples (shipped to you for free wherever you are located) on a 3 or 6 months contract, you are provided a discount code for your fans and you get a commission on each order placed on our website. The exact amount of the discount would be sent to you separately. You also get a chance to receive an incentive of 100$ quarterly if chosen as the most creative and active in promoting the product.  We will have you in our Ambassador page together with all our other ambassadors in which some are very high valued athletes such as Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Ana Cozar and many more.


What happens next

Once we receive your confirmation we shall prepare a contract for you, please send us your full contact details and allow us up to 2 weeks to get you the contract. We shall ship your first product right after having the signed contract from you.



Team Shrink